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What ALDI and the ChIcken Industry Don’t Want You to See

ALDI ranks in the lowest tier of the 2021 Mercy For Animals retailer report on welfare standards for chickens raised for meat. This investigation uncovers the shocking reality of chickens at a contract farm for one of ALDI’s suppliers.

Overcrowded, dark, and filthy sheds. Open wounds, twisted necks, and prolapses. Live chickens in piles of rotting birds. A real nightmare for animals.

Uncovering Hidden Cruelty

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Her humble need for water, unmet by a multibillion-dollar industry. A nickel-and-dime strategy to punish living beings for the industry sin of growing too slow.”

—Undercover Investigator

U.S. Retailer Report

Mercy For Animals’ first U.S. retailer report ranks companies according to their efforts to address the most pressing welfare issues associated with chickens raised for meat. In particular, it highlights how large retailers like ALDI have failed to meaningfully reduce chicken suffering.

Over 200 companies have adopted Better Chicken Commitment standards to ban some of the cruelest practices from their chicken supply chains.


Ask ALDI to adopt meaningful chicken welfare policies to address the worst abuses permitted in their supply chain.

We can end this cruel, unsustainable system. By choosing plant-based foods, we can build a food system that is good for animals, people, and our planet.

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